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Kan mors medisiner passere over til barnet via brystmelken?

European mega-venture for safe medications during pregnancy

“It takes an estimated 27 years to determine if a novel medication can be used by pregnant women without risking adverse effects on the fetus or child. This just can’t continue any longer”, says Professor Hedvig Nordeng at the University of Oslo’s Department of Pharmacy.

Bakterier som Yersinia enterocoloitica bruker klebrige utvekster for å feste seg til et underlag

A novel antibiotic idea: Preventing bacterial stickiness

Antibiotics most commonly work by killing bacteria, for example by destroying their cell wall or by interfering with protein synthesis. Now researchers at UiO are launching a completely new idea: They want to prevent bacteria from sticking to a substrate, before an infection can even occur.

Dypvannsfisken Diretmus argenteus

Deep-sea fish see color in pitch-black darkness

Humans, along with many other mammals, must make do with four different light-sensitive proteins in the rods and cones of our retinas. However, fish species living in the deep sea can have up to 40 different proteins aiding their vision. This means that they most likely see some sort of color where humans would only see pitch-black darkness.