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Åslaug Helland

Simulating your cancer treatment on a computer

In ten years, computers will be able to propose the most suitable cancer treatment for you. The idea is to simulate how all possible combinations of existing cancer treatments will work on your particular tumour.

Harald Stenmark, Gry Oftedal, Andreas Carlson, Irep Gözen

Døde «celler» kan fortsatt utføre oppgaver

Biologiske celler trenger et komplisert maskineri med arvestoff, proteiner, reseptorer og mye annet for å kunne utføre oppgaver. Nå utvikles bittesmå, døde beholdere som bare likner på celler – men som likevel kan utføre oppgaver.

 Anne Flem Jacobsen og Hedvig Nordeng

– The Placenta is my favourite organ

Back in the day, scientists and the majority of people believed that the placenta was a sort of barrier that protected the foetus from harmful toxins inside the mother’s body. “But today we know that this is completely mistaken. The placenta is more like a leaky strainer”, says Hedvig Nordeng.