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Meet the AnthroTox team!

In my first blog entry as a PhD student here at the Department of Biosciences, I would like to introduce you to the AnthroTox crew, lead by Katrine Borgå and Paul Wenzel Geissler.


Contract signed

Finally, contract has been signed and work is well underway and by the end of summer my book entitled "Waves with Power-Law Attenuation" Waves in Attenuating Media with Power-Law Characteristics

Sabrina Sartori

Decarbonisation of energy systems

This spring I had the pleasure to moderate a panel of discussion in Phoenix about materials needs for energy sustainability by 2050.  Now the 


Materials science at the frontiers

Where else can you get a wide glimpse into the frontier of materials discoveries if not at an event like the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston?    

I dette bildet ser vi folk som brenner plastikk for å få tak i metallene på innsiden av e-avfallet. Mange innbyggere i Ghana brenner plastikk for å tjene til livets opphold da Ghana ikke har et fungerende resirkuleringssystem og brenning gir hurtig tilgang til materialene av verdi.

Swap, Svitsj, and Burn

Hanne Cecilie Geirbo (post-doc), Alice Frantz Scheider (PhD cand), and project leader Maja van der Velden (assoc.