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The will to want begets the ability to be able

It started as an experiment in 2002, gained political approval in 2009, and today it is Tanzania’s national system for collecting, managing, analyzing and visualizing health data. How is it all organized and run?

Work-shop på NordiCHI'16


Two weeks ago, almost everyone from the DESIGN group travelled to the NordiCHI conference held in Gothenburg 23-27th October.

Gruppebilde, designstudenter på hyttetur

Cabin trip with the new master students

All newly admitted Bachelor students at UiO can join the buddy-program, which gives them an opportunity to get to know other students in their study program.

Gruppebilde INF5205 høsten 2016

A course in tangible interaction

This September, the Design group once again ran a five-week intensive course on tangible interaction. This course is for students interested in physical, spatial, or embodied artefacts. 

From student to researcher

Over the past 50 years the global system of universities has created an education of researcher, the PhD-education. The journey towards a PhD-degree starts during regular education and ends with a PhD-thesis after 3 or 4 years with dedicated research work. Here are some advices to new PhD-students!