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OzGrav team

Squeezed light and a bunch of experimental physicists

Being a physics educator at the University of Western Australia (UWA) is a bit different than being one at the University of Oslo. Of course, there is the change of scenery: Instead of overlooking the Oslo fjord, I now get to ponder the stretches of Swan River. The academic difference, though, is even more profound.

Magdalena Kersting

Hello world!

This is me, Magdalena. As you can see, I think gravity is cool.

Kristin Vinje på Cutting Edge festivalen

Cutting Edge – i forkant av utviklingen

På et av Norges største forsknings– og teknologiarrangementer møter du forskere, teknologer, politikere, gründere, investorer og studenter fra alle fagområder for lansering av nye produkter


A Changing Arctic: Beyond a white space

Beyond a white space: blue future, green shifts, and red flags in the Arctic. What do they really mean? Fifteen students from the UiO International Summer School Course A Changing Arctic' 2018 class presents their 10 minute individual presentations related to this question.