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Contract signed

Finally, contract has been signed and work is well underway and by the end of summer my book entitled "Waves with Power-Law Attenuation" Waves in Attenuating Media with Power-Law Characteristics" should be ready from my point of view as author. The book will be issued in the ASA Press (Acoustical Society of America) series of Springer in 2019, hopefully.

Reuse wasted computer printer paper

The art of writing a research paper

This title is on purpose a bit misleading because writing a good paper is not really an art provided that you have quality results from your research. Getting such results however may be compared to art. I would instead say that writing a paper is a craft and that it is best learnt through practise.

Computers for Cynics

This post was written by my distant relative, computer pioneer Ted Holm Nelson, and is an introduction to a YouTube series of lectures that he just made.