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Sustainability at Caltech

In the middle of a heat wave that hit my Italian summer holiday, I “escaped” to California to discuss how to tackle crucial energy and sustainability challenges with a group of enthusiastic lecturers and students.

Sabrina Sartori, FREA

Two countries – one renewable goal

There is no doubt that Australia and Japan are two different countries in many ways, for instance from the point of view of their climate, resources, landscape. Such differences are important when considering which renewable energy sources are appropriate to invest into.

Sabrina Sartori

Decarbonisation of energy systems

This spring I had the pleasure to moderate a panel of discussion in Phoenix about materials needs for energy sustainability by 2050.  Now the 


Materials science at the frontiers

Where else can you get a wide glimpse into the frontier of materials discoveries if not at an event like the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston?    

Future energy in Kazakhstan

Before this trip, I knew very little about Kazakhstan. Then I was invited to present my work at the Italian-Kazakh bilateral symposium “Our common future: energy, environment and development”, organised at the Expo 2017 Future Energy in Astana.


Sabrina Sartori

Jeg er førsteamanuensis ved Institutt for teknologisystemer, og jeg er særlig interessert i materialer til energiteknologi.

I am an Associate professor at the Department of Technology Systems, with a special interest in materials for energy technology.

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