Let me tell you a data story

Let me tell you a data story

Five years ago Angela fell in love with the concept of virtual water. That concept took her on an amazing journey that led to major discoveries: our hidden demands on water, the power of information design and the importance of communicating science.

Angela will share her professional journey through the fascination for water science explained by visual narratives.

Angela Morelli is an Italian information designer based in Norway. She has an MA in Communication Design from Central St Martins, where she specialised in Information Design, a degree in Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and an MA in Industrial Design. She is Associate Lecturer at Central St Martins in London. Besides initiating projects on environmental issues, she is currently collaborating with scientists at the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services in Oslo. Angela serves as an ambassador for virtual water and water footprint research and was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.

This talk is in cooperation with the Natural History Museum and Tenketanken Tau. Adam Rutherfrod is in Norway to give a workshop in science communication for master and PhD students at ForBio research school.

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