Mobile health services

Mobile health services

The results from the last call for ICT proposals from the Research Council of Norway (the Verdic program) was presented in May this year. This process resulted in many new projects for the Department of informatics at UiO. Here is a short resymé of one of the projects headed by professor Kristin Braa at the GI-group. The project will start during fall 2010.

MobiHealth:  Developing Health Service Networks through Mobile Solutions in Low Resource Settings

The developing world is engaged in addressing various public health related challenges, including strengthening of their health information systems. The mobile technology has been identified as an important tool to this strengthening process, and has led to the development of the mHealth research domain which seeks to identify appropriate mobile based applications and implementation strategies to address public health challenges. The MobiHealth project is an interdisciplinary project within this domain that aim at developing new knowledge about the development and use of mobile IT in low resource settings. In particular, it focuses on the creation of sustainable health service networks for primary health care workers.

Strengthening the social networks of health services, the project will address the digital divide and propose mobile internet solutions to bridge that gap. By mobile internet solutions in low resource settings, we mean connectivity solutions that range from SMS to (mobile as a modem) to the Internet. MobiHealth addresses the Norwegian Government’s initiative on Millennium Development Goal (MGD) 4&5 on supporting improvements in Maternal and Child Health.

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