MUSIC at Euronews

MUSIC at Euronews


"On her free day, Ms. Müller plans to spend some time shopping in the city centre before relaxing at home.  Over breakfast, she browses her music library with her PDA to select a list of songs to play that day.  In the train, she reads on-line newspapers and tabloids on the PDA so that she is informed of day's attractions, special offers and also to listen to some good music  On arrival to the city, the PDA connects to a pedestrian information portal that offers her location-based services.  Upon returning after a hard day's shopping in the city, Ms. Müller 's PDA re-establishes her well known home settings await the upcoming tasks."

This is a quote from the page "MUSIC for beginner", which again is a part of the MUSIC homepage. The full title ofte the MUSIC project is "Self-adapting Applications for Mobile Users In Ubiquitous Computing Environments", and the project aims to provide an open platform that makes it technically and commercially feasible for the wider ICT industry to develop new and innovative mobile applications.

A nice video explaining the project was recently published at Euronews.

MUSIC is an Integrated Project under EU’s 6th Framework Programme. The list of the partners you find here. The project coordinator is Geir Horn at SINTEF. Contact person at the Department of informatics is professor Frank Eliassen.


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