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Deltakere på CEES-konferansen i 2017

Norwegian evolutionary biologists pushed the frontiers in international science

Researchers at The Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) at the University of Oslo have delivered impressive results during their ten years of operation. They have published more than 1450 scientific papers, of which 14 in Nature and Science, about themes as diverse as the European plague and the strange cod genome. These articles have again been cited over 30 000 times.


Sjekker om naturen har feber

Har norske biologer vært for opptatt med å forske på vakker og tiltalende natur? Nå legges hverdagsnaturen under lupen.

A walrus rostrum with tusks that can be dated to c. 1200-1400 CE.

Ancient DNA reveals the extent of Norse Greenland’s trade in walrus ivory

When the explorer Erik the Red reached the southwest coast of Greenland in the 980s, he established a colony of Norwegian and Icelandic settlers that lasted for almost 500 years. A team of British and Norwegian researchers have now proved, by analysing ancient DNA, that the export of  valuable ivory from walrus tusks helped the Norse settlements to survive for centuries.


Glad i fart?

Da kan du muligens takke nyoppdagede synsceller for at du klarer å holde oversikten neste gang du suser av gårde.