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When a species is no longer a single species

How do you define a species? To non-biologists this might sound like the most basic and most obvious of all questions. Yet, there are few matters that stir up more intense discussions between scientists.

Hvis du har en uvanlig søt og pen katt, er det ingen vits i å klone den. To katter med helt like gener kan nemlig ha forskjellige pelsfarger

Pointless to clone a pretty cat

If you have an unusually pretty cat and dream about cloning it one day, you might as well stop dreaming. Two cats with the exact same gene pool can actually look totally different.

Permaforsten tiner i fjellet Nordes i Lyngen

Scientists sound the alarm bell on permafrost

A decrease in permafrost (cryotic soil) will follow climate change and a rise in temperature. This could have serious consequences. We might see an increase in greenhouse gasses, a greater possibility of landslides and live under the threat of monster waves.

Prestige forliser utenfor spanskekysten i 2003

Did a giant wave provoke an environmental disaster?

Was a giant wave involved in the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige off the Spanish coast? We don't know, but there have been speculations on the possibility of a giant wave due to a phenomenon called crossing sea. Norwegian researchers have participated in a project to estimate the probability of a giant wave.

 Anne Flem Jacobsen og Hedvig Nordeng

– The Placenta is my favourite organ

Back in the day, scientists and the majority of people believed that the placenta was a sort of barrier that protected the foetus from harmful toxins inside the mother’s body. “But today we know that this is completely mistaken. The placenta is more like a leaky strainer”, says Hedvig Nordeng.


World Class Solar Cells

Solar power is the renewable energy source that has the greatest potential to solve the world's energy challenges. The University of Oslo is now building a world-leading research group in this field.