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Leucauge venusta

A new web of life

For the first time biologists have made a full family tree of the world's spiders. It may impact disciplines such as material science and medicine, the researchers claim.

Scholastica J. Munishi, HISP, Tanzania

Saving lives with one click on the phone

Once a week Scholastica J. Munishi sits down to report crucial health data from the clinic she is running in rural Tanzania. And she uses the Norwegian health data system DHIS2.

Karl Egil Malterud og Helle Wangensteen

African trees kill both malaria mosquitoes and the parasite

Malaria is a widespread disease in the western parts of Africa and kills several hundred thousand people around the world each Year. There is a great need for new medicines, and scientists from the School of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo have found natural chemicals that can kill both the malaria parasite and the transmitting mosquitoes.